Friday, May 9, 2008

The Secret Covenant

I thought this video was cool. Enjoy


Geoffrey Dennis said...

I think this video is agi-prop from the Secret Covenant to make us think they exist, when in fact they don't, which is what they have wanted all the time.

Benjamin Singleton said...
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Benjamin Singleton said...

Enjoyed this video, I don't know if 'they' exist or not, I think they probably do though. I can understand the opinion that 'they' do not, that they might make videos like this to give them the illusion of having all the power over the masses to encourage the people to rise up against a potentially fictional force. Or something. I've pretty much bought into it over the past few years... I do not plan on marching in the streets though demanding revolution.

Your two parter "The Pope, Voyage to The Underworld and The Freedom Tower Ritual" I found to be a particularly excellent read.

Thanks alot for your educated insights.

(By the way, I originally thought I posted a comment here that was meant for another blog because I had loads of different comment sections in tabs and this one said 'comment awaiting moderation' when I came back to write my comment above, leading me to think I'd accidentally written a previous comment here. I think my browser has just gone mental or something because you do not use comment moderation I see so that's impossible. Previous deleted comment was just explaining that before I realised you don't use comment moderation... I'm confused...) Cheers again!