Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dare To Walk On Air

Kerli - Walking On Air

I came across this video and felt it was along the same vein as recent posts on Pseudo-Occult Media and Atlantean Times, the use of occult mind-control symbolism in the media. I think for anyone not versed in the knowledge of the occult or symbolism this video would seem very strange indeed not to mention the lyrics. As you would notice at the beginning of the video the Mad Hatter drops off a doll. So from the beginning it seemed very Alice In Wonderlandish. He also gives the idea of a circus Big Top and its Ring Master.

The Ring Master passes bushes at the front cut into three layers (levels of initiation) representing the layered programming and doubles as two masonic pillars. As the young lady opens the box we see from the vantage point of the doll symbolising the activation of the programming. This causes the doll to cry black tears representing the place the personality being subjected to programming has to go. Disassociating in order to handle the ordeal. Thus we enter the wavy (floor pattern) hypnotic world of the creepy house. All the associated black/white symbolism is there, the walls (reminding me of a Rorschach Test), floor, dress. The clock is central to the room then the all seeing eye (programmer) makes an appearance.

"There's a little creepy house

In a little creepy place

Little creepy town

In a little creepy world

Little creepy girl

With her little creepy face

Saying funny things that you have never heard

Do you know what it's all about

Are you brave enough to figure out

Know that you could set your world on fire

If you are strong enough to leave your doubts"

The lyrics by themselves at face value makes you wonder what the artist is getting at. However, they seem to almost dare you to decode the essence of the video. Are you brave enough? Are you strong enough to handle the truth? I got the impression that the song was implying that this world of mind-control really does exists. So down the rabbit hole we go. The room spinning and the allusions to flying, getting higher and walking on air are references to the drug induced element associated with Monarch programming. In fact the butterflies make an appearance as she lays traumatized on the bedrocks. An obvious symbolic connection to death/sexual programming as the self dies and the shattered personality is all that is left. Kerli make reference to it further in the lyrics.

"Feel it

Breathe it

Believe it

And you'll be walking on air

Go try

Go fly

So high

And you'll be walking on air

You feel this

unless you kill this

Go on

And you're forgiven

I knew that

I could feel that

I feel like I am walking on air"

At this point the victim is describing the process they are going through. As if watching themselves without any real control. This reminds me of the dehumanizing and guilt element to the programming laid out in The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave By Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler. Those programmed are told to kill something usually a small animal under threat of more torture. When the victim complies he or she is told that they are forgiven, thus adding to the trauma.

"She has a little creepy cat

And a little creepy bat

Little rocking chair and an old blue hat

That little creepy girl

Oh she loves to sing

She has a little gift

An amazing thing

With her little funny eyes of hazel

With her little funny old blue hat

She will go and set the world on fire

No one ever thought she could do that"

At this point my jaw is just on the floor. These lyrics allude to the animal programming associated with black magic familiars, cats and bats. In the video the emotional trauma of Fire and Ice programming is displayed. The fact the the oven is the refrigerator and the frig is the oven is meant to symbolise the suspended terror of the victim. The inability for the victim to determine what response the programmer will have to their actions, pleasure or pain. In the video the Kerli is dresses as a ballerina. I am not sure as to what it mean, however, I would venture to guess it stands for the structure training of the victim, taking years. The best ballerinas often start out very young. I suppose so does the programming. There is also, but I cannot be sure, an allusion in the lyrics to sexual programming. There is a stag in the video and she wears a spike collar giving the element of bondage, so I suppose it is connected. The upside down bird in the cage is obvious.

Toward the end of the video the Mad Hatter is staring at her through the looking glass as she repeatedly make the sign of the pyramid with her hands. Kerli starts out by taking on the alter of the white doll meant to soon be the personality everyone sees. After a period of time she is trained via the ballerina with sexual programming on the bedrock of bondage. Her sexual programming is now neatly tuck away, back in the box, ready to be activated at anytime. Her true self, now no longer the outer personality, wakes up with her wrist bound trapped in a box as well. Her new outer alter replaces her true self in the clock room. Rocking (teetering on collapse) as time ticks away. There is a last element in the lyrics that pertain to some victims of mind-control going out into the world and becoming very successful. I will leave it to you to come to your own conclusions. I will say, it is probably people we see everyday in the media. I would also suggest you checkout another youtube video from this artist called A Beautiful Day.

Friday, May 9, 2008

The Secret Covenant

I thought this video was cool. Enjoy

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Occult Handmaiden

Dissent Magazine - Australia
Hacking The Mind

ScienceDaily (Apr. 29, 2008) — "Most people agree that emotions can be caused by a specific event and that the person experiencing it is aware of the cause, such as a child’s excitement at the sound of an ice cream truck. But recent research suggests emotions also can be unconsciously evoked and manipulated..."

I decide in the light of my recent posts to add some scientific weight to my argument that rituals/magical operations are meant to make sutler changes in people. The mind sciences are the handmaiden to occult practice.