Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Pope, Voyage to The Underworld and The Freedom Tower Ritual

I have not written in a while. However, the visit to the United States by Pope Benedict XVI got my attention. I wondered about its ritual significance. At first nothing struck me. Then while watching the scifi channel the movie, "Odysseus : Voyage To The Underworld" came on. I enjoy mythology, as I have said before, so I sat back and allowed the images and story of high adventure to wash over me.

In this story, Odysseus and his comrades are tormented by the Queen of The Underworld, Persephone. Who is trying to escape an Island (Underworld) she has have been cursed by the gods to remain on for eternity. She is kept company by bloodsucking vampire bat like creatures, who as you find out are her children. Now despite the fact, I have never heard of this particular story of Odysseus, I did realize its importance in ancient ritual. The rituals done for Spring and the coming Harvest. The sacrifice of the Sun King so that his blood my breath life back into the earth after winter and to ensure a blessed harvest. In accordance with all the talk about wheat prices and food riots across the globe I did not think it was a coincidence.

Then while browsing the Coast To Coast Am website I found posted a curious detailed horoscope chart for April 20, 2008 a SUNday. A Shamanic Astrologer named AJ McGettigan contends,

"The Full Moon this weekend (April 20) will coincide with a rare and
propitious alignment of Sun, Full Moon, Pluto and Saturn. At the time of
the Full Moon (3:25 am, Pacific time), the will be forming grand trine
with Pluto, and Saturn. The trining planets are all in Earth signs. This
formation is made stronger by its exactness. The event marks a moment of
harmony in the workings of karma, expression, and renewal. The light of
regeneration appears in the dynamics of experience and relationship.
Inspiration and new vitality infuse the practical workings of the
material plane. New horizons are viewed with ease. New
possibilities emerge with grace. "

My imagination ran away with me as to the importance of this alignment and what could be going on on such a day. Understanding astro-theology and the importance of such days for the use in rituals I decided to look up the Pope and see what he was doing. The Pope being a Sun King symbolic figure, I was amazed to discover that he was visiting Ground Zero that day to offer prays for those lost in the tragedy.

One of the pictures of the Pope I discovered had footage of the ceremonial candle, table with a golden carpet. I walked away from my computer for a little while to get something to eat. I almost choked on my food as I ran back to my laptop to take a closer look at the candles base. Upon closer inspection I found it to be very similar to the proposed plans for the future Freedom Tower set to be built at the location. I rubbed my eyes in disbelief. Was this just a coincidence or was it an intentional symbolic act of invocation for the Freedom Tower with a smaller replica, a model if you will, made to look like a simple candle holder.

It was not lost on me the importance the Elite put on such celestial movements and their use of numerology/Astro-theology in coordinating their ritual events. The fact that the Pope celebrated his 80th birthday in the United States was of unique significance in and of itself. Knowing about numerology, both 8 and 0 are numbers closely associated with infinity/eternity and spiritual matters. However, on a more mundane level 8 also encourages ideas associated with influence, setting powerful goals, being ambitious, resisting challenges, over coming rivalries and so on. The 20th date vibrational influence corresponds to ideas such as compromise, avoiding conflict, working in the background and listening to others. All associated with the basis of the Pope's trip. A sort of thesis/anti-thesis/synthesis ritual taking place.

There are hidden connections to the celestial alignment of the Moon, Sun, Pluto and Saturn. Connections linked to archetypal and mythological symbolism in the acts of the Pope while in the US. His meeting to strengthen ties to the Jewish community around the celebration of Passover. His willingness to meet with those who were abused at the hands of priests and meeting with family members of victims of 911. The holiday of Passover is linked to the story of the Israelites being saved, as the Angel of Death destroyed the first born of Egypt while they were captives. There are also many interesting aspect to talisman magic associated with the Passover that can be found at Jeffrey Dennis' blog: Jewish Myth, Magic, and Mysticism .

I find that The Angel of Death corresponds to my idea of Hades/Pluto, god of the underworld. It is also linked to Saturn/Chronos in mythology as it is this deity that devoured his own children. Hades abducted and raped Persephone, later causing her to become Queen of the underworld. It is important to remember that in many way the Catholic Church is the embodiment and continuation of the ancient mystery schools of Egypt and Babylon. In Michael Tsarion's new book, Astro-Theology he states:

"Christianity is, as we have said, a warped branch of ancient solar cultism. The
priests who enjoyed elevated status within the world's Solar Cults were
astronomers par excellence. Their theologies, like those of their illustrious
ancestors, were originally Astro-Theologies."

These mysteries where enacted through dramas for the initiates to understand the astro-theological significance of event. The divine marriage and associated ideas of death/regeneration/rebirth, aswell as the sacrifice of the Sun King are all implied themes woven into the mystery drama of the Pope's visit. Tsarion goes on the quote Harry Dale Huffman in End of The Mystery stating,

"The religious focus of the earliest known civilizations was on the sky,
which was universally known to be the home of the “gods.” The sky covered the
Earth,and so was called “heaven,” which means a “covering”...The myths were
intimately tied to the stars through the constellations, for many myths ended
with the hero being placed among the stars in the sky, a process called
catasterization. Thus a constellation was said to be the image of the hero, or
heroine, who had been taken to live among the gods, and be immortal."

The Sun/Solar Cult connection is symbolized by the Golden Carpet and the seeming rays on the candle base. When one studies the Ancient Mystery Cults you begin to realize that there are parallel exoteric/esoteric teachings. Many within the Synchromystical community have notice the rise in new solar symbolism taking place in Logos of many organizations and companies. It is my contention that this represents the worship of the zodiacal sign Leo. Leo is a fixed zodiac sign and a typical representation of solar worship being interchangeable with the sun. Leo is positioned on the opposite or darkside of the zodiacal wheel from Aquarius. This correspondence is brought forth in the recent movies, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and the sequel The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian as Disney continues to work its magic. While everyone anticipates the idea of ushering in the Aquarian Age in the Procession of The Equinox. Religious and Occult initiates are worshipping the rise of Leo/Sun in secret. This is because while Aquarius represents the conscious collective motivations of humanity, Leo with its associated symbolism and ideas is the archetypal energy of the unconscious directives of man. Those who study religious and occult iconography, the connections between Leo and The Tribe of Judah is unmistakable.

The Tarot also has some secrets to tell. The 8th card, Strength or Lust, for those who also have the Crowley's Thoth deck is associated with the Hebrew letter "Teth" meaning serpent. The serpent symbolizes secrecy, subtlety and wisdom. While the serpent allegorically as the "old serpent" is the tempter of mankind and the source of illusion. Once overcome it is the instrument of salvation and connected to the ideas of reincarnation, regeneration and immortality. For anyone who has enjoyed Steve Willner's videos will understand the Freedom Tower Ritual that took place. The zodiacal Serpent Ophiuchus and the methods associated with disCERNing the truth collide at the center of our Galaxy.

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ViølatoR said...

Wow good catch with the "candle holder" which is obviously a 3-D sigil of the freedom tower. The description of persephone reminded me of Lillith, Adam's first wife before Eve, whose daughters are all vampires or something I think, I forget.. it's late. Ill have to read the rest later, but it looks real interesting. Oh yah, the Leo stuff is interesting too.. The sun will rise in Aquarius in the New Age, but that spot on the horizen will point to Leo at night - a sort of darkside vs lightside thing going on.

Celtic Diatribe said...

Interesting observation on Leo. With the media pushing the solar cult's Narnia / Leo / Jesus trilogy on us, and from the "other" side we have the gnostic Golden Compass / Dark Materials / Bears trilogy (trinity).

Balance on the cosmic checkerboard? How does Ursa Major play into this?

Harry Dale Huffman said...

As the author of "The End of the Mystery" I feel I should inject knowledge of a larger context here. I am a hard scientist and have found through my research that the zodiac--and thus all of its attendant implicate metaphors for life on Earth--is only about 17,000 years old.

Before that, the Earth, indeed the entire solar system, orbited in a very different orientation in space (thus the path of the Sun and planets as seen from Earth were not then projected against what we know as the zodiac signs). My book shows knowledge of that very foundation of the present system, and knowledge from before that foundation.

My point is that the future is wider than astrological references can assuredly guide us. In other words, all knowledge should be under review by mankind, including the fundamentals of astrology (just as much as the fundamentals of evolution, plate tectonics, and cosmology in consensus science).

I consider it all in crisis--a paradigm dispersing in predictive power even as followers strain their imaginations to get ever more comprehensive answers from it.

The wisdom traditions of the past are still in effect, even as the zodiac continues to be the path of the Sun. But the Earth, its people, and their traditions were long ago divided, and that is why history has been full of wars, and why the divisions between religions and peoples today is at the forefront of the news and our daily lives.

Everyone knows that we must come together in the near future, but up to now people have not known that the knowledge bases they use to approach one another are founded upon a great design imposed upon our entire system only 17,000 years ago.

It looks to me as if the traditions we have been meant to learn from as a unified knowledge of humanity, but which have been divided and then turned into isolating and competing dogmas (or widely separated spheres), are in the process of succumbing to a higher, prior order. Otherwise I would not have discovered what I have of the earlier system order.

Thus there is increasing uncertainty and even attendant incompetence in relying on any one sphere. Both ethics and disciplined scientific logic are the key to progress now--you will see lapses in either and in both, from "experts" who rely on only one isolated approach to truth.

Predictions will go awry, problems will not in fact be met and solved effectively, except by knowing the origin of our traditional knowledge fields and what came before--and thus, what is really unchanging and reliable, in eternity. I hope to be part of the leading edge that clears that solid new/old ground.