Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Towers That Bind

I am,
Forms pass.
From me they go,
And again they come to me.
Their returning
Is what men call destruction.
Be not deceived thereby.
I tear down only to build anew.

Verily destruction is the foundation of existence,
And the tearing-down thou seest
Is but the assembling of material
For a grander structure. - The Book of Tokens by Paul Foster Case

This meditation came to mind when I came across the building plans of the Crystal Island in Moscow. The structure of the tower immediately drew me to it. Drawing me in like a vortex of power, that I could not help but think if it will be built specifically for that task. Fated to be the largest building in the world it is described as being a "city in a building". Why a city in a building?

I have been reading the book Talisman by Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval. They make a very convincing argument that cities across the globe , such as New York, Washington DC and Paris in France were built with a magical hermetic purpose. I have drawn my own conclusions that this purpose is to control consciousness. However, one does not have to look very far when researching high strangeness in the layout of cities. There are some very interesting symbols embedded in the formation of Washington DC.

According to research such cities were created to harness the power of stars, planets and zodiacal constellations. A form of astro-theological worship going back thousands of years and still practiced today, albeit not in the open. Hancock and Bauval shed some light on this in their research on the Picatrix. A manual of sorts on how to construct a talisman within the layout of a city using astrology, magic, alchemy and the cabala. A talisman is an object charged with emotional, intellectual and spiritual energy. This manuscript was first discovered in Spain. A Latin translation of a an earlier Arabic version in the twelfth century.

They state in their book Talisman: Sacred Cities, Sacred Faith

"Many cutting -edge researchers have long accepted that ancient Egyptian art,
statuary, obelisks, pyramids and even whole cities were meant to act as
powerful talismans. It is also recognized that the subliminal effect of such
talismans can be increased by adding a variety of sensual stimuli other than
mere visuals. Carefully chosen music, for example, will almost certainly
enhance the experience, as well as perfumes, incense and lighting
I can't help but wonder is this what was in mind with the design of the Freedom Tower in New York City. The destruction of the Twin Towers in the 911 Mega Ritual plays into the idea of the creation of a "grander structure" from destruction. Jake Kotze of The Brave New World Order has done a mound of research into the synchromystical aspects of the 911 Mega Ritual and its connection to Freemasonry. Another noted researcher is Steve Willner of Labyrinth of The Psychonaut.

The Archetypal symbolism of the Tarot cards also offer up some significant ideas in connection to towers. The 16th card of the Major Arcana face cards is the burning tower. The Hebrew letter associated with The Tower is (Peh) meaning the mouth as the organ of speech. The card also represents the direction north, which symbolically means the place of darkness, unknown, of the sun's/son's annual death. Mars is the planet attributed to the The Tower (Peh) and by association war, reproduction and scientific endeavors. Other titles are "The Lightning-struck Tower", "The Fire of Heaven", "The House of God" and "The Tower of Babel".

We have to keep in mind that towers are essentially large pillars. Pillars have a long history of association with God/Goddess fertility symbolism and the sexual act. A case in point, is the Egyptian mythological figure Geb as he lay on the ground trying to reach up to unite himself with Nut, the Goddess of the overarching sky.

When I look at the Crystal Island Mega Structure it brings to mind a Mountain like K2 recently posted about on a variety of blogs. This is connected to the idea of seeking the Gods.

This could also mean that the global elite want to bring the power of the Gods to earth in some Promethean fashion. K2: Quest Of The Gods by Ralph Ellis delves deep in to this subject matter. In any case, we are dealing with a matrix of power not meant to be understood. Ben Fairhall of Battling The Behemoth on his recent post "Hoodoo City" drives it home, in my opinion, as to how this matrix is affecting us all unconsciously on and individual and collective level. He writes,
"Depending on your position on the evolutionary tree, these are all Good
Things. More ambigious, however, is another by-product of reptilian in-dwelling:
the spiritual lycanthropy which demands, at certain times and under certain
conditions, the performance of unconscious theurgical ritual, either on an
individual or mass scale. The ritual will be performed only by those 'of the
bloodline', ie those in whom the in-dwelling is far advanced... But, considering
nearly all of us are 'Illuminised' to one degree or another, it follows that an
equally large number are conscripted into frequent unconscious ritual; with a
two-fold purpose. Firstly, to generate the required energy to 'feed' the
progenitors of the indwelling consciousness- the Ancient Ones, ie the Dagon-
and, secondly, to lay the infrastructure of a New World Order specifically
designed to guarantee maximum exposure to the Alien Overlordship at every level
of its institutions. Thus, the more ritual we perform, the more structures are
created that make ritual inevitable."


ViølatoR said...

Great post, I like the idea of city layouts as talismans. And the picatrix is really strange and interesting. I think I read before that the tree-of-life was in the Paris layout and one of the suggested layouts for London after the fire.

LittleBat said...

Great post. I, too, have read Talisman, and one can see what they mean by iconic symbols, etc. I have always wondered about the profusion of Egyptian architectural motifs from the 17th century onwards.

You quote Ben Fairhall - I used to read his erudite blog - but now it is closed down, and is by invitation only. I wonder why he did that?

Phiwizard said...


I just posted on Ben's site. You might want to check it again.