Thursday, December 13, 2007


NASA aiming to look inside the moon
GRAIL to map gravity field in 2011, revealing interior composition

What an interesting NASA project. NASA is a particularly good doorway to explore for symbols and mythological ideas. I have discovered through such sites as Goro Adachi's : Etemenanki that NASA is given to high rituals during their shuttle project missions. I found this photograph representing the mission telling because the angle of the satellites with earth reminded me of the Forty Seventh Proposition of Euclid better known as The Pythagorean Theorem (a2+b2=c2).

I am sure that some remember that from basic geometry class. In a right triangle the square described on the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares described on the other two sides. However, what might not be realized is that this was described by the Egyptians as Osiris, Isis and Horus or the creative divine trinity. This form is closely connected to the Freemasons and is apart of their rituals. It is their symbol of eternal nature. The female principal Isis is represented by the side of 3 units, Osiris the male principal is represented by the side of 4 units and the Hypotenuse of 5 units is Horus.

The Grail Mysteries have been made popular over the years by a variety of books and even by the movie, The Da Vinci Code 2006 based on Dan Brown's book of the same name. The Grail has been connected to the idea of Jesus and Mary Magdalene having a child thus continuing the bloodline of Christ. However, the myth and symbols of the grail are pagan in origin. Before it was christianised in Spain during the 12th century, taken from a sacred tradition by the Moors, the Celts worshipped a holy Cauldron of Regeneration. Being a feminine symbol, it was a blood-filled vessel that symbolized the womb meaning rebirth/reincarnation in the Gnostic tradition.

Take a look at the Deep Impact Mission patch. The Eye of Horus/Ra is encoded into it. Just another piece of evidence of occult ritual taking place right before our eyes. Remember the grail mission is symbolic of rebirth/reincarnation. Horus was considered the reincarnation/rebirth of Osiris through the feminine womb or ritual gateway. An alchemical process is being enacted. This process is about the rebirth of the Sun/Son. The new age to come at the end of days. We have been conditioned for this through TV and movies.

The movie, End Of Days staring Arnold Schwarzenegger is just one that encoded this mythos into our consciousness. Schwarzenegger's character is named Jericho Cane. He is protecting a young woman named Christine York played by Robin Tunney. During the climax, synonymous with sexual union, Jericho and Christine escape to the streets and into another church, where Satan smashes through the floor, sending debris and statues everywhere and confronts Jericho in his true form as a massive, demonic dragon. Moments later Satan enters Jericho's body. Now controlled by the Beast, he attempts to rape Christine and mate with her, but with the help of Christine's begging words, Jericho manages to fight Satan's control off for a few seconds. Using what might have been his only opportunity, Jericho impales himself on the sword protruding from a statue of Saint Michael the Archangel, to trap himself for the few remaining seconds until midnight. At midnight, Satan is pulled out of Jericho's body and sent back to Hell. Jericho dies seconds later after seeing a vision of his wife and daughter smiling at him.
Although in the movie there was an overt sexual agenda, the symbolism of the Grail mission means the same thing. For those who have not seen the movie, I suggest you rent it. This will give you a better idea of how these archetypal myths are utilized via the cinema. Checkout the End of Days highlights.

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